just:live & just:play v2.5 Administrator Manual

Table of Contents

About the Admin User Manual (v2.5)

1. The Applications (v2.5)

2. Requirements (v2.5)

3. macOS Configuration & TOA System Checker (v2.5)

4. Video Device Configuration (v2.5)

5. Live Signal Handling (v2.5)

6. Setup Variants (v2.5)

7. Software Installation (v2.5)

8. just:out (v2.5)

9. just:connect (v2.5)

10. just:connect Basic Setup (v2.5)

11. just:connect User Interface Overview (v2.5)

12. just:connect User Interface (v2.5)

13. just:connect Advanced Setup (v2.5)

14. Additional Applications & Functionality (v2.5)

ToolsOnAir Online Helpdesk (v2.5)

Known Issues (v2.5)

Aspect Ratio Control (v2.5)

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