5.3 Non DSK-based Switch to Live Configuration (AJA and Blackmagic) (v2.5)

Using the built-in method enables you to switch between a Live Signal and the Playout of a Video without the need of a Video router. In addition it is possible to add Graphics to the Live Signal without the need of a second Video device.

AJA Video Devices

Selecting the AJA 4K Mode Firmware

Using the AJA ControlPanel the device must be flashed to 4K Mode with 2 inputs and 2 outputs before it can be used.

  1. Open the AJA ControlPanel.
  2. Go to the Firmware section.
  3. In the Firmware Information area, make sure that the installed firmware is "[Name of your Video Hardware] (4K Mode)".
  4. If not, select "[Name of your Video Hardware] (4K Mode)" from the Desired menu.
  5. Click the Install... button.
  6. Follow the instructions to complete the Firmware flashing process.

Activating the 4K Mode of an AJA device will…

  • disable the ability to do hardware-based up/down/cross conversion.
  • disable the ability to activate the Downstream Keyer to play out Fill & Key.

AJA Devices and Closed Captioning

In the AJA ControlPanel in the Format section, make sure to activate the VANC option to pass-through any Closed Captioning data which comes with the input signal. Passing through of CC data is only supported using devices from AJA (Kona 4) while using a Without DSK or Disabled Live SDI input configuration in the Channel settings of just:connect.

Configuring just:connect (AJA and Blackmagic Video Devices)

  1. Open just:connect.
  2. Open the Advanced Output Format settings of the desired Channel.

  3. At the top there is the Live SDI Input Configuration.

  4. Select one of the available Without DSK settings:
    • Without DSK, default black: Black will be played out in case nothing is playing in the timeline of the UI.
    • Without DSK, default pass-through: The connected signal will be played out in case nothing is playing in the timeline of the UI.
  5. Connect the Live Signal to SDI 2 (AJA) or SDI 1 (Blackmagic). 
  6. Enter the input where the Live Signal is connected to.

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