7.14 Saving And Reusing A Playlist

To save a playlist drop it from the calendar view or the workbench into the "Playlists" tab in the library or select the playlist and choose "Save Playlist As…" from the "File" menu or click on the ­"Save Playlist As …" button in the inspector. Saved playlists are located at the path specified in the just:connect repository settings (the default path is: ~/Documents/Playlists). It is possible to transfer saved playlists to other machines and reuse them there. Doing so you have to make sure that just:out has access to all the files which are used in those particular playlists. 


Menu "File » Save Playlist As…"

Use the save dialog to define a name for the playlist or use the default name which consists of the name of the playlist and the date it has been scheduled. The preselected folder shown here depends on the playlist repository path which has been defined by your system administrator in the just:out preferences.

Reusing A Playlist

To reuse a playlist just drag and drop the playlist from the library into the calendar view. This will add the playlist at the time and day you dropped the playlist. It is also possible to hold the "ctrl" key, this will ignore the day and time and changes the playlist type to "chained".


You can also save playlists in plain text (CSV) format. This is useful in case a third party system needs the rundown information before the playout happens and therefore the usage of the "As-Run Log" file is not possible. 


It is not possible to add playlists to the rundown whose drop point is in the past. This would change the current playout and will therefore be rejected. A warning will be shown instead.

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