7.2 Playlist Anatomy

A playlist is made up of movies, placeholders, gap items, live events, graphic elements, events to control third party hardware using native router/switcher and/or GPIout events. One or several playlists define the rundown which is played through the day. Such a rundown may have gaps between the playlists. The playlist handling is outlined in the following:

  • Create a new playlist
  • Define the start time of the playlist
  • Fill the playlist
  • Modify attributes of the playlist or elements inside the playlist
  • Modify, move, organize and chain playlists if desired
  • Save playlists or even the rundown of a whole day and load them on another channel

Playlists are shown in the calendar view. There are several ways to build a new playlist or to add a pre made/saved playlist to the rundown, which will be explained in the following chapters.

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