6.14 Playing Elements Consecutively

In just:live, by default each clip in the timeline does not start automatically when an earlier clip finishes. Instead, just:live goes back to the default output defined by your system administrator (black or live signal pass through).

Each clip waits at the CTI line for you to issue a play command – or trigger – for it to start. Thus, if you load five video clips into the timeline you will also issue five play commands to play them out – unless you define "Finished Actions". A play command is only valid if nothing is currently playing and there is an element waiting at the CTI line to be played out.

However, if you want to play several elements with a single play command, you can do this by setting the "Finished Action" attribute for each element in the inspector to "Play Next". By default this is "None", which means that the next element stops and waits at the CTI as described above. When set to "Play Next", the next element in the timeline is automatically started when the current element is finished without issuing a further play command.


Usually each layer has to be started explicitly. However it is possible to execute actions on multiple layers at the same time by pressing the command key while clicking the first element of each layer. The play command will then be issued to all selected layers.

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