5.8 Workbench: Item Markup

The workbench shows the rundown of your clips playing from top to bottom, one clip after the other. If you are in "Edit Mode" the workbench "simulates" the clips' states according to the CTI position. These are not the clips' states of the real playout. Remember that only those elements which are loaded in the layer selected in the timeline will be shown here.

Grayed-out Item

All items where the out-point is in the past of the CTI are grayed out to show that they have been played out already. Such items cannot be changed or removed any more.

On-Air Item

The name of the item which is currently on air is shown in green.

Scheduled Item

All items where the in-point has not started are shown in white. The item itself and all attributes can be changed.

Placeholder, Gap and Live Event Item

Placeholders are shown in red, gaps are shown in black, and live events in magenta.







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