5.2 Timeline


 Layers: From top to bottom: The first layer is the "Playlist" layer followed by the "FX" layers, the "Event" layer and the "Video" layer (the names of the layers have been defined by your system administrator while setting up the channels in just:connect). Clicking a layer selects it. Notice that only the content of the selected layer is visible in the workbench. Also the preview and coming next information in the control area depend on the layer selection. The currently selected layer is highlighted in blue. It is possible that your channel has more or fewer layers than shown in this figure or that certain layers do not exist at all.

 Elapsed Timecode: Displays the elapsed time for each actual playing element. If a layer does not contain any elements the timecode is zero.

 Current Item Name: Displays the name of the current item in the particular layer.

 Timeline View: Displays movies, live events, graphic elements and router control/GPI triggers in a similar fashion to common video editing systems like Final Cut Pro. Certain elements like gaps and infinite live events which are critical for the final output are highlighted for better recognition.

 Upcoming Item Name: Displays the name of the upcoming item of the particular layer.

 Remaining Timecode: Displays the remaining time for each actual playing element.

 Hide/Show Buttons: These buttons enable or disable the visibility of the currently playing element(s) on the specific FX layer.

 Timeline Scrub & Scale: Scrub through time by dragging the scroll bar or the ruler to the left/right. Set the scale of the timeline view by using your mouse wheel or by moving the ruler up/down. You can always relocate the CTI by pressing the "Now" button.

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