Activation (4.0)

By default just:in is not activated and therefore a ToolOnAir watermark will be added to the Recordings

Activation is not required to test just:in Engine or the just:in User Interface.

Activating a Device

  1. Open the Configuration Panel, select the desired Device, which you want to Activate and switch to the Activation Tab. In the Device & Channel List deactivate all Channels by unchecking all checkboxes.

    Unchecking a Channel will make it unavailable in connected just:in User Interfaces.

  2. Copy and Paste the Activation Key into the Activation Code field and press the "Enter"-key or press the "Activate"-button.

  3. When the Activation was successful the Activation status in the Activation Option List changes from yellow to green.

Please contact us if you have further questions regarding Activation.

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