Capture Presets (4.0)

Capture Presets define how a Recording will be done (codec, container, resolution, etc.). Before you can do Recordings with the just:control you need to create one or multiple Capture Presets. After defining Presets you can quickly access them in the just:control Interface. This speeds up the Recording process and helps keeping things organized.

To make any changes you need unlock the configuration panel.

Table of Contents


Open the Configuration Panel, select the desired Device for which you want to create Capture Presets and switch to the Capture Presets Tab.

  1. Capture Preset List: shows all available Capture Presets. Use the buttons below to add and remove Capture Presets.
  2. Capture Preset Configuration Options: allows you to define a Capture Preset.
    • TV Norm: select the desired TV Norm.
    • Container: select the desired Container.
    • Aspect Ratio: select the desired aspect ratio.
    • Codec: select the desired Codec. After selecting the Codec you may also be asked for the Framerate and Resolution.
    • Audio Channels: select the number of Audio Channels. After selecting the number of Audio Channels you may also be asked for the Audio Track Alignment (Mono or Stereo).
    • Burnt-in-timecode: enable this option to burn in the selected timecode source to the recorded files (just:in linux only).
    • Audio Mapping: use this option to change the output mapping for the incoming audio channels.
    • Do not write captions to container: enable this options to not write closed caption data into the recorded file.

Adding a Capture Preset

  1. In the Device & Channel List select the appropriate Device. Click on the Capture Presets tab. Below the Capture Preset List press the "Plus" button to add a Capture Preset.

  2. A dialog appears asking you for the Capture Preset Name. Enter the Capture Preset Name and press the Create button.

    The Duplicate preset...-Option let's you duplicate an already existing Capture Preset, where you can adjust the Preset Settings afterwards.

  3. Configure the Capture Preset. It will be saved automatically after all attributes are defined. You may change the settings of a Capture Preset at any time.

Editing an existing Capture Preset

  1. Select an existing Capture Preset and simply change the options on the right side. The changes will be saved automatically (Audio Channels before: 2, after 16).

Removing a Capture Preset

  1. Select an existing Capture Preset and use the "Minus"-Button below the Capture Preset list to remove the selected Capture Preset.

Apple ProRes

When creating an Apple ProRes-based Capture Preset you need to select the Framerate and Resolution.

Audio Channels and Audio Alignment

You can choose between 2, 4, 8 and 16 Audio Channels for every Capture Preset. Some configurations may also require an Audio Alignment setting.

H.264 Settings

When creating a H.264 Capture Preset you have to select H.264 specific settings.

When recording h.264 in UHD, we highly recommend to use MOV (AVFoundation) as container option.

Burnt-in-timecode (JIL only)

With this feature it is possible to burn in the current timecode into the recorded files. You can adjust the size and the position of the timecode.

Capture Presets marked in red are pointing to a mismatch between Capture Preset framerate and Device framerate and these Capture Presets will not be available in just:control for the Channels of this Device.

Audio Mapping

The Audio Mapping feature enables the possibility to adjust the output mapping of the incoming audio channels in a very simple way.

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