7.4 Movie Components

Movie From URL

Places a movie into the workbench. Movies files are always linked (not embedded) into a composition. There are different load modes:

  1. "Preroll" is the "normal" mode of operation, it simply reads the video frames as required.
  2. "Force Into Memory" will load the entire movie file into memory and then play back from RAM. Obviously you need to be careful with this if you are using large movie files. It is best for small clips that will be looped on air for a long time (e.g. an animated corner logo), as it won’t be hitting the disk all the time, just once when the composition starts playing.
  3. "Incremental" will buffer the number of bytes specified by the "Load Increment" input port into memory. For example, you could specify a 5 or 10MB buffer. The patch will attempt to keep this buffer full at all times (i.e. read-ahead). As such it’s a bit of a half-way-house between "preroll" and "force into memory". 


Note on Movie files

Please have the following recommendations in mind, when using movies as a part of a realtime composition:

  • Use the minimum pixel size possible for the movie and position it at the right place using composition:builder.
  • We strongly recommend to save movies with alpha channel using Apple ProRes 4444. Other codecs are not supported.
  • Choose the right caching method (see above) and save the movie on a fast disk (SSD preferred).

just:out Engine Output

This component can be used to display the content of the Video layer of just:play/just:live. As the Video layer content is rendered onto a standard rectangle, it can be transformed and animated like all other components. Please note that the video output is only shown when a composition is in the playout. The preview of Composition Builder only shows a placeholder image. In addition, all realtime aspect ratio conversions which may have been applied to the movie using the Inspector of just:play/live, will be ignored.

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