1. Introduction

With its innovative user interface and powerful feature set, composition:builder enables small and mid-sized TV stations to easily create and implement professional real-time graphic templates for news, weather, stock exchange, sports and other broadcast events. These graphic templates can then be used within just:play and just:live.


 composition:builder is designed on top of Apple's Quartz Composer technology, a node-based visual programming environment which incorporates OpenGL to render graphics directly on the GPU of the system. As the learning-curve of Quartz Composer is pretty steep, composition:builder provides you an easy way to create real-time graphic templates and animations in a user interface which is similar to other industry-standard applications. composition:builder enables a fast and easy integration with graphics and animation created in other preferred applications including Adobe® Photoshop, Adobe® After Effects and Apple Motion. Professional quality graphics development no longer has to cost a fortune. Using standard Apple technology protects the investment for your future.


We assume that you have basic knowledge of:

  • Using OS X
  • Digital video/broadcast
  • Animation and compositing 

Complex Data Driven Graphic Templates

Complex data-driven graphic templates must be created using Apple's Quartz Composer (a node based, real-time visual programming environment). If you are not familiar with Quartz Composer, ToolsOnAir provides custom graphics development. Please → contact us if you are interested.

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