11. Notes

Achieving Maximum Performance

In composition:builder there are almost no limi­tations regarding the number of layers, elements and animations which can be incorporated in a single composition. Nevertheless, the data acquisition and rendering of graphic templates is always done in real-time. 

While developing graphic templates, we recommend to test them performance-wise in just:play or just:live on a regular basis.

If there are too many layers with complex animations/elements it is a good idea to reduce the complexity and split the graphic template onto multiple just:out engines. Only this can assure best on-air performance and a good engine buffer status. For information about using multiple just:out engines and the buffer status please refer to the just:play/just:live user manuals.

Relative Paths

With version 4.0 of composition:builder, relative paths for XML, movie and images are now supported. Additionally there is a new "Make Paths Relative" item in the "File" menu that will automatically find and replace absolute paths with relative paths, assuming the file and the composition are both located on the same volume.

Also there is a new "Embed Resources" item to the "File" menu. This will automatically locate any XML, movie and image files referenced within the composition, copy them into the composition file and make the file paths relative to the composition file. This can obviously lead to much large composition files, but makes copying much easier as only the composition file needs to be copied and not the associated resources.

Legacy Composition Optimization 

In the "File" menu there is a new "Upgrade Components" item. This performs additional optimization on the underlying compositions saved by composition:builder and played in just:play or just:live.

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