4.8 User Interface: Inspector – Permissions Tab

Attributes of components do not have to be static necessarily. Imagine a lower third which should be used to display the names of different persons. You don't want to create separate compositions for every single name you want to display in the lower third. Now the 'Permissions' tab allows you to 'publish' attributes of a component so they are editable in just:play or just:live. That means you can drop multiple instances of the same composition into your playout rundown and then use the inspector to change the (previously published) attributes of every single composition instance.

1. 'Permissions' Tab: This tab contains all publishable attributes of the currently selected component. If no component is selected in the workbench, this tab won't display anything.

2. Attribute: Attributes with unchecked checkbox will not be published (default). They will not be visible in the inspector of just:play and just:live.

3. Enabled Attribute: A checked checkbox indicates that this attribute ("Text") can be modified in the inspector of just:play and just:live.

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