4.7 User Interface: Inspector – Component Tab

1. 'Component' Tab: This tab contains all attributes related to the currently selected component. If no component is selected in the workbench, this tab won't display anything.

2. Editor: Used to change the 'Title' (= name) of a component. You can also hide a component by unchecking the 'Visible' checkbox, this may become useful in complex composiitons. 

3. Transform: Generic attributes like position, size and rotation.

4. Appearance: Margin 'enlarges' the drawing area of a component. This may be useful if a component would need more space than its boundaries allow.

5. Timing: Each component has an in-point and an out-point (i.e. 'Start' and 'End'). The in- and out-point define the life span of a component and can also be used to reduce the rendering overhead because once the out-point has been reached, the component is taken out of the rendering pipeline. To define the in/out-point, drag the start/end of the grey bar in the timeline or use the inspector to set the duration of a component.

6. Attributes: These are component specific attributes, they vary for every component. In this example these are the attributes of a simple text component.

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