13.7 Additional Format Settings (v.5.x)

You must unlock the Just Control Configuration window and stop the channel(s) first to perform any changes.

  1. Stop the desired Channel by deactivating the checkbox in front of it. Stopping a Channel will also stop the Just Out engine and therefore the final output.

  2. Select the Channel in the “Devices & Channels” list.

  3. Click on the “Format” tab.

  4. Configure the options according to your needs. The options are explained below.

  5. Activate the checkbox in front of the Channel to start it again and to take over the changes you just made.

  6. Close the Just Control Configuration window and drag the Channel from the “Connections” tab to the Multi viewer area.

Advanced Format Settings

  • SD widescreen (16:9): Plays out SD Channels in the SD Wide Screen format.

  • Low Latency Playout: Allows for the lowest latency between pressing the “Play” button and the actual playout of a Video. Deactivate this option when using MXF files or Videos that take some time to decompress, such as XDCAM HD 422 or H.264.

  • Interlaced Aware Scaling: When activated, any Video that has to be scaled (SD ↔ HD, aspect ratio conversion) will have additional interlaced-aware filtering applied to it to preserve the interlace fields and to improve the quality of the scaled Video.

  • Port: The port which is used by this particular Channel. A port is a unique identifier for a network service which runs on a computer. By default, the first Channel administered by Just Connect uses Port 5519. Additional Channels use Ports 5520, 5521, 5522, and so on.

  • Each Channel must be assigned to a different port number. Using the same Port for two Channels or one Just Out engine) on the same machine will result in an error.

  • Make sure that your Ports are not closed/disabled on any router/ firewall which might be installed between Just Connect and the interface client(s).

  • If you are not sure if a Port is used on your network, please consult your network administrator.

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