2. Requirements (v.5.x)

  • All configurations in the following chapters are guidelines based on our internal tests and are subject to changes at any time without prior notice. 

  • We cannot guarantee that these guidelines will work under all user specific requirements. 

  • ToolsOnAir and its worldwide partners provide support and help during this phase but are not responsible for errors and/or failures that may occur due to incorrect setups or insufficient testing.

Hardware setup, third-party drivers, software and operating systems must always be tested thoroughly with the current trial version, provided free of charge by ToolsOnAir prior to the final installation.

Compatibility Matrix

Screenshot 2024-06-11 at 11.51.38.png

Hardware & Software Requirements

Macintosh Model

Mac Pro (Intel/Apple silicon), Mac mini (Intel/Apple silicon), Mac Studio (Apple silicon), iMac (Intel/Apple silicon)1 , MacBook Pro (Intel/Apple silicon)1, MacBook Air (Intel/Apple silicon)1.
Apple silicon preferred and recommended. When using macOS Sonoma and higher Apple silicon is mandatory!


8 GB minimum, 16 GB recommended (Apple silicon).


Apple silicon GPU, AMD (Intel-Mac), Intel GPUs (Intel-Mac) are supported. Refer to chapter Supported GPUs for further information.

Operating System

v.5.0 supports macOS Monterey (12.7.x), macOS Ventura (13.6.x) on Intel-based Mac's and Apple silicon-based Mac minis, Mac Studios and Mac Pros as well as macOS Sonoma (14.5.x) on Apple silicon-based Mac minis, Mac Studios and Mac Pros.

Video Devices

AJA and Blackmagic Design video devices are supported. Refer to chapter Supported Video Devices for further information.


Sonnet xMac mini Server (with TB 3 connectors) or Sonnet DuoModo Rackmount/Desktop systems.

1 Testing only. When using a Mac with a switchable graphics card, make sure to deselect the “Automatic graphics switching” option in the “Energy Saver” or “Battery” preference pane or window.

2 Please consult the graphics card vendor or Apple for more information regarding the compatibility of your graphics card.

Although it is possible to operate some Macs without a display attached to the graphics card, we strongly recommend attaching a simple HDMI display emulator or an EDID/DDC emulator such as the Lindy EDID/DDC Emulator (when using a KVM system) on the Mac running Just Out.


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