Device Settings (4.0)

Within the Device-Tab you can change the Device Port, the Device Framerate and the Fallback frame count (just:in mac only).

  • Device Settings can only be changed, when all Channels are disabled.
  • By default, the device port is always 5000.
  • Device Framerate specifies the possible video modes for the Channels.

The Fallback frame count setting is only available for just:in mac devices and is used for fallback scenarios, where the just:in mac channel buffers the amount of frames (=fallback frame count), before switching to the fallback destination. We recommend a value between 100-150.

Assign Network Setting

With this Setting you can change the network settings of the Device, in cases where the IP-Address got changed.

Do not change the port numbers here. Please contact us, in case that these two port numbers are blocked in your network and you have to change these in order to make just:in work.

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