Device Tab (4.0)

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Available options are:

I/O Device: ToolsOnAir GPI Box

When using the ToolsOnAir GPI Box you need to select Service USB as the I/O Device. 

Make sure that the Service USB Box is connected via USB to the live:cut machine and that the driver is installed.

I/O Device: Blackmagic ATEM

Before selecting this I/O device make sure the Blackmagic ATEM software is installed on the machine running live:cut.

 Enter the Host IP address of the ATEM and press the Apply button. If you're being asked to update the Project Template accept it.

I/O Device: User Interface

Use this option to use the live:cut User Interface as a "vision mixer". In this mode the active camera can be changed by following means:

  • Clicking on the desired Channel.
  • Using the buttons at the very bottom of the live:cut User Interface.
  • Using keyboard shortcuts (as described in the corresponding chapter).

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