13.3 Changing the Name of an Existing Channel (v.5.x)

Before proceeding, you must stop the Channel by deactivating the checkbox. Stopping the Channel will also stop the Just Out Primary engine output, unless there is a Redundant engine available.

  1. Stop the desired Channel by deactivating the checkbox in front of it. Stopping a Channel will also stop the Just Out engine and therefore the final output.

  2. Select the Channel in the “Devices & Channels” list.

  3. Click on the Channel’s name, it should now be highlighted.

  4. Enter the new name of the Channel.

  5. Press the “Return” key.

  6. Activate the checkbox in front of the Channel to start it again and to take over the changes you just made.

  7. Close the Just Control Configuration panel and drag the Channel from the “Connections” tab to the Multi viewer area.


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