13.2 Activation (v.5.x)

Before proceeding, you must stop the Channel by deactivating the checkbox. Stopping the Channel will also stop the Just Out Primary engine output, unless there is a Redundant engine available.

The “Activation” tab shows you the activation status of the selected Device. It also lists all options that can be licensed.

Activate a Channel

Please keep in mind that an activation is not required for testing and that all features are fully enabled without restrictions. Only a watermark is added to the final broadcast output.

  1. Stop all Channels related to the Device you would like to activate, by deactivating the checkbox in front of it. Stopping a Channel will also stop the Just Out engine and therefore the final output.

  2. Select the Device you would like to activate.

  3. Click on the “Activation” tab.

  4. Copy and paste the received Activation Key into the “Activation code” field and press the “Activate” button.

  5. Verify the activated options and expiration dates.

  6. Start the Channel to verify the successful activation.

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