1. Crash Recording (just:in v3.0)

What is Crash Recording?

Crash Recording records Video signals on the fly.

Making a Crash Recording

  1. Make sure to have at least one valid Capture and one valid Destination Preset in just:in Engine.

  2. Make sure you are connected to a Channel in just:in and select Crash Mode in the desired Channel View.

  3. Click on the sprocket to open the Inspector of the desired Channel.

  4. It is required to select a Naming Preset, a Capture Preset and a Destination Preset. If you wish you may modify the other settings.

    • Only Capture Presets which match the incoming video signal will be shown here.
    • Select "-" to load a new Naming Convention or a Capture/Destination Preset which has been made recently.
  5. Now hover over the Channel View. Next to the Inspector button there's a Record button. Press the this button to start the Recording (shortcut: command +R).

    If the Record button does not show up, verify your Capture and Destination Presets in just:in Engine and that you have selected one here in the Inspector.

  6. The border of the recording Channel will continuously change colors from turquoise to red, indicating that there is a Recording in progress.

Splitting Clips while Recording

  • While recording you can hold the option key and press the Record button to split the recording.

End-of-Recording based on Timecode

While recording you can enter a Timecode that is in the future to automatically stop a Recording on that given Timecode.

  1. Start a Recording.
  2. Open the Inspector.
  3. In the Timecode area enter a valid Timecode. Press the enter key afterwards.
  4. Switch Enable Stop on Timecode from Off to On.
  5. Click the Record button to enable the Stop on Timecode feature.

Stop a Recording

To stop the Recording, click the Record button again. The recorded clip will be available in the filesystem.

Double click on Destination Preset in the Inspector to navigate to the folder where the clip is saved (only available if the user interface can access the storage location with the same path as the engine).

Concurrent Capturing

You may do multiple Recordings of a single video source at the same time to the same or to multiple destinations. This feature is limited by the hardware specs of the machine running just:in Engine.

We strongly recommend to do thorough testing before using this feature in a live event.

Adding Captures

  1. Open the Inspector of the desired Channel.

  2. At the bottom of the Inspector you may add Captures by pressing the Add button.

  3. Select a Capture Preset and Destination Preset for each Capture.

  4. Now you can press the Record button in the Channel view to start the Recordings.

Make sure that the Capture-IDs are recording to different storage locations or have different file name extensions (*.mov, *.mxf or *.mp4).

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