Known Issues live:cut (4.0)

  1. If you change the "Service USB" settings it is required to click the "Apply" button and restart the application, otherwise the settings will not take effect.
  2. Do not disconnect the ToolsOnAir GPI Box while using live:cut, otherwise live:cut will unexpectedly quit.
  3. When importing XML into Apple Final Cut Pro 7 it states "uncritical errors while importing the XML". This message has no further effects and can be disregarded.
  4. live:cut needs access to the media files upon export. Therefore you must ensure that live:cut has access to the storage volume and have the ncessary rights to properly read the files.
  5. When planning recording sessions, please make sure they do not exceed midnight, due to a time mismatch.
  6. There's still an issue with importing FCPXML into Adobe Premiere Pro with regard to stereo track alignment.
  7. Adobe Premiere Pro needs to be open, when Auto Export is activated.
  8. Proxy XML path is not working properly.

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