3.1.9 System (just:in Engine Linux v1.0)

The System tab is mainly used for maintenance tasks like checking and saving log files or restarting the Engine or just:connect remotely.


  1. Log files: select one of the available Log files here.
  2. Refresh button: to update a displayed Log file you have to press the Refresh button.
  3. Log File Display: displays the content of the selected Log.
  4. Save Log File: saves the selected Log file to a destination of your choice. You may also save all available Log files by using the Save All button.

    If you are encountering a problem or a ToolsOnAir support member asks you for the Logs please use the Save All button to save the Logs and attach them to a support ticket.

  5. Restart buttons: use the buttons to restart the particular part of just:in. Only use those buttons if it is absolutely required.

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