2.5 Network Setup (just:in Engine Mac v3.0)

Whether your machine is part of a multi zone network environment with many other machines or a single machine with no network connection at all. All ToolsOnAir components need a properly configured and stable network connection. Please contact your network administrator or local dealer if you need help.

Example Network Infrastructure

This figure shows an exemplary network infrastructure. The grey arrows are network connections.

Erratic Behavior caused by an improperly configured Network

In case your network should be configured improperly it is possible that the whole just:in setup won't work – or just parts of it, for example the communication between Engine and User Interface, parts of the User Interface like Timecode, Video/Audio Preview and the ability to control the Engine. So always make sure to use machines which have a proper network configuration – no matter if you are using just:in on only one machine or on multiple machines.

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