ToolsOnAir System Profile & Support System (v.5.x)

ToolsOnAir System Profile

The System Profile within the Just Control Configuration panel can gather and save information related to ToolsOnAir's software that may be important when diagnosing and addressing software and macOS issues. Attach a newly saved “TOA System Profile” upon creation of a new support-related ticket in the → ToolsOnAir Online Helpdesk System. This allows the ToolsOnAir support team to get a good overview of the system and trace the reported issue.


Open the Just Control Configuration panel

To open the Just Control Configuration panel, you have to log in to Just Control using one of the methods described below. To be able to do so, the Multi viewer or the just:live/just:play user interface needs to be opened.

a. Select “Show Configuration Panel” under the Channels menu or press “Command-Option-,” to open the panel.


b. Select a Device in the “Connections” tab of the Multi Viewer Interface and click on the “Configure” button at the bottom, to open the panel.

Saving a System Profile

You must unlock the Just Control Configuration window first to perform any changes.

Please verify that all ToolsOnAir playout applications you would like to log files via the “TOA System Profile” are running before saving the System Profile. This is because we can only save log files of applications which are running at the time the System Profile is generated.

  1. Select the Device you would like to save a “TOA System Profile” from.

  2. Click the “System” tab.

  3. Click the button right beside “Save”.

  4. Select “Save All Logs (System Profile)”.

  5. A window opens which allows defining a Name and Destination.

  6. Define to save between 1 week and 6 months of log files and if excluded logs should be deleted or not.

  7. Add the Apple System Profile ONLY if the Tools On Air support team is requesting it. Click on the “Save” button.

  8. Add the saved System profile to a ticket.

DO NOT include the Apple System Profile if you generate the profile on an active playout channel running the Just Out engine. Include the Apple System Profile only on machines which are currently not on air.


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