Post-Record Script (just:in Engine Mac v3.0)

As UNIX shell scripts can work on a very deep system level, ToolsOnAir does not take any responsibility for improperly written shell scripts.  

The Post-Record Script can be used to execute custom UNIX shell commands after each Recording. It is located in the folder /Library/Application Support/ToolsOnAir/Just In/Scripts. Make sure that just:in Engine has the permissions to access the script.

Default Post-Record Script

The default Post-Record Script contains just one exemplary shell command, which would move the Recording to a user defined folder. Please refer to the → Bash Reference Manual (external link) to create your own Post-Record Scripts.

# modify the shell script accordingly to your needs
# $1 is the currently recorded file

mv $1 /Users/Administrator/some/folder

We recommend avoiding spaces in filenames and paths used in the Post-Record Script. If spaces cannot be avoided, the element must be written in quotation marks – or the spaces have to be escaped (as described in the Bash Reference Manual mentioned above).

Example: Name Counter → "Name Counter"

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