4. Managing Channels

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Preparing a Channel in just:connect

Make sure that all just:play Channels are configured and discoverable on the network.

In Just Connect, repeat the following steps for each Channel you would like to configure.

  1. Unlock Just Connect for the desired Channel and activate the "Expert User" mode by clicking the respective tab in the upper middle of the just:connect application window.
  2. Activate on the Workflows tab.
  3. Click on the Standard Workflow button.
  4. Under Workflow Communication, activate the Enable on port checkbox.
  5. Enter a port which is currently not used on this machine and make sure that the same port is not used for another Channel on this machine.

Managing Channels in just:next

Adding a Channel

  1. Click on the "Add Channel" button in the upper right of the Just Next application window.

  2. Enter a Channel Name. You can use any name but it makes sense to use the same name like defined in Just Connect.
  3. Enter the IP-Address of the machine running Just Connect which hosts the Channel you would like to control.
  4. Enter the Workflow Communication Port you have previously defined in Just Connect.
    Do not use the port of the Channel which is shown in the Channel view of Just Connect.
  5. Click the "Add Channel" button.
  6. The Channel should now be visible in the Channel list.

Editing a Channel

  1. Select a Channel in the Channels list of just:next.
  2. Click on the "Edit Channel" button.
  3. Edit the settings accordingly to your needs. 
  4. Click the "Edit Channel" button to apply your changes.

Removing a Channel

  1. Select a Channel in the Channels list of just:next.
  2. Click on the Remove Channel(s) button.
  3. You will be asked if you really want to remove the selected Channel(s).

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