Changing Channels Settings (just:in Engine Linux v1.5)

To change Channel Settings deactivate the desired Channel(s) by unchecking the corresponding checkbox(es).

Deactivating a Channel will make it unavailable in connected just:in User Interfaces.

Basic Channel Settings


  • Channel Name: edit the Channel name by double clicking the name within the Channel List.
  • Input Source: select the Input Source here.
  • Video Mode: select a Video Mode here. The modes depend on the Engine's Framerate and the Video Device.
  • Chunk Length: set the Chunk Length here. The maximum is 12:00:00:00.
  • Port: edit the Channel Port here.
  • Signal Loss: by default a Channel continues to write into the same container when there is a signal loss during recording. The gap during the signal loss will be filled with black frames automatically. The Channel might get out of AV sync in case of a a signal loss that occurs on a running Channel/Engine. By disabling this option, the channel stops recording when there is a signal loss during recording.
  • Restart channel if not recording: this option is disabled by default. When enabling this option the Channel will be restarted after a signal loss. This only affects idle Channel. Recording Channels will not be restarted. Note for AJA Video devices: this option cannot be disabled.

Preview Settings

  • Resolution: two resolution options are available:
    • High: 640x360px
    • Low: 480x270px
  • Frame rate: the preview frame rate can be changed between zero and 30.
  • Quality: can be changed between 10 and 100%.

(Re-)Enabling a Channel

After changing the settings of a Channel you need to enable it again by clicking on the corresponding checkbox. You can only activate Channels with valid Video Modes.

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