just:play v2.0 Getting Started

Video device driver installation
(skip this step if you have no video device) 

Download and install the latest driver from the AJA or Blackmagic website (depending on your video device).

TOA System Checker

Before installing just:play on your computer, you should run the TOA System Checker and follow the displayed instructions to solve all errors and warnings. Also turn off any screen saver which might be activated in the 'Desktop & Screen Saver' System Preferences pane. If you are upgrading from an older version of just:play, you might want to make sure that you have a valid v2.0 activation code for this machine before installing the new version.


To install a full copy of just:play onto your machine (with all required files), drag and drop the Just Play folder from the disk image onto the Applications folder. After copying, eject the disk image and navigate to the Just Play folder inside of your Applications folder. Add the applications Just Out, Just Connect and Just Play to your Dock.


Open the Just Connect application. It will automatically display the Setup Wizard. Make sure the option New channel is selected and type in the name of your channel into the channel's name field. Select the format you would like to use for broadcast and activate the option just:play for 24/7 scheduled playout and make sure that the checkbox Single-system "local mode" channel is activated. If there is a dedicated video device, select AJA or Blackmagic, otherwise keep the Screen option selected. Change the repository folders if you know where your movies, audio files and graphics files are stored. Otherwise movies in the ~/Movies folder, audio in the ~/Music folder and graphics in the ~/Pictures folder will be available for playout.

Start the playout system

Click the Apply button to apply the settings and options chosen in the Wizard. This will automatically start the following applications:

  • just:out: this is the playout engine which does the final output and therefore should never be quitted.
  • just:connect: this is the software which receives and sends information from and to the just:play user interfaces which are connected to the channel. just:connect is also responsible for intercommunication between interface(s) and just:out playout engine(s.)
  • just:play: this is the graphical user interface which allows you can schedule/edit new and existing rundowns. just:play also provides several views of your scheduled rundown, no matter how far in the past or future they are.

After the initial setup using the Wizard, you must start just:out, just:connect and just:play individually!

6 Verify your channel is working properly

Your channel is working properly whenever the status in the just:connect channel list is displaying a green light next to the running master time.


Also make sure, that the master timecode in the just:play user interface shows the current time, runs smoothly and has a green color. If the status bar below the master TC is grey, delete the channel in just:connect and go back to point four.

7 Read the User Manual

 You can find the → just:play User Manual in the Help menu of just:play.

ToolsOnAir Online Helpdesk

If there are questions which aren't answered in the User Manual, please visit the → ToolsOnAir Helpdesk.

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