[JIL] Configuration Panel v.6.1

The Just Control Configuration panel lists all connected just:in linux engines and available Channels (i.e. Inputs). Within this panel, the just:in linux engine and Channel settings can be adjusted and all kinds of Presets (Capture, Destination, Naming, Metadata, Markers, Events, and Configurations) can be created and modified.

Please note that setting changes will not be forwarded to all open Just Control Configuration panels, and restarting the Just Control Configuration panel is required to see the changes applied to another panel. Therefore, please ensure that only one Just Control Configuration panel is open, when changing settings (close all other Just Control Configuration panels on different machines before applying configuration changes).


The configuration of just:in linux is done within the macOS-based Just Control application. All settings and devices are managed herein. The only required step on the just:in linux server is to power on the server appliance.

Available Settings in Just Control

Here’s a quick overview of the settings available in the tabs within the Just Control Configuration window. An in-depth explanation of these options can be found throughout this user guide.

  • Device: Offers device-specific settings, such as “Device IP” and “Port” settings.

  • Capture Presets: Define Codec/Container settings and other “Capture Preset” related options such as “Audio Mapping”, “Burnt-In Timecode” option, or “Image/Logo Overlay”.

  • Destination Presets: Set your recording destinations here.

  • Naming Presets: Configure the naming convention of recorded files.

  • Metadata Sets: choose flexible templates for metadata elements.

  • Marker Presets: Define custom Markers for use in Adobe Premiere Pro.

  • Events: Pre- and/or Post-recording Events, which can be executed at every start and/or stop recording process.

    • Devices: within the “Devices” tab, Event Devices (Bash Script, Apple Script, HTTP, TCP) can be created. Which can be used later within the “Events” tab to create recording events.

    • Events: in the “Events” tab, previously created Devices can be used to create Recording Events. These Events can be selected within the Inspector for each Channel.

  • System:

    • Logs & Profiles: just:in linux engine, Channel and Just Control related logs can be saved here (aka “TOA System Profile”).

    • Configurations: within this settings tab, it is possible to save just:in engine Configurations. Switching between available just:in engineConfigurations can be performed here as well.

  • Activation: Activate your just:in linux server appliance Channels here. You’ll need a valid permanent or temporary licence to do that. Note, that you can always run a fully featured trial version of just:in linux with the only restriction of a watermark applied to the recorded video file.

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