[JIL] Known Issues v.5.5

Just Control & just:in linux engine

  • The elapsed recording time display will be wrong, when a scheduled recording get started in the middle of an event (=not at the original start time). The elapsed recoding time will be calculated from the original start time of the recording event.

  • Signal losses can cause problems in Schedule Mode, when “Close container, write to new” is set as “Signal Loss” option within the Channel Settings.

  • Restarting the just:in linux appliance, while one or multiple Channels are running in Schedule Mode, can cause Channel connection problems after the restart.

  • After switching back from live:cut mode, the Timecode Source of a Channel can not be changed.


  • If you change the "Service USB" settings, it is required to click the "Apply" button and restart the application, otherwise the settings will not take effect.

  • Do not disconnect the ToolsOnAir GPI Box USB while using live:cut, otherwise live:cut will unexpectedly quit.

  • When importing XML into Apple Final Cut Pro 7 it states "uncritical errors while importing the XML". This message has no further effects and can be disregarded.

  • When planning recording sessions, please make sure they do not exceed midnight, due to a time mismatch.

  • There is an issue with importing FCPXML into Adobe Premiere Pro with regard to stereo track alignment.

  • Proxy XML path is not working properly.

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