just:in mac v.5.5

just:in mac is a Network Based Ingest Solution that offers Crash, Gang, Batch and Scheduled Recording. It unites Single- and Multi-Channel Ingest over SDI, HDMI and IP (NDI) into MOV, MXF, and MP4 container into one flexible and expandable macOS application. just:in mac has a client-server architecture, therefore it consists of two application, which can either be installed on a single machine or can get distributed on multiple macOS machines. The application names are:

  • Just In Engine.app

  • Just Control.app

which will be installed in the specific Application Folder of the corresponding macOS system. Additionally the Just Control.app has a Configuration Panel (“Just Control Configuration”), which is used for all Channel and Engine related settings.

Just In Engine.app has access to the specific Video Hardware Devices (AJA/BMD) and/or NDI streams, it is responsible for the encoding processes and for writing the video and metadata files to the chosen destinations. Once started it runs and works in the background, as all settings can be done within the Just Control.app. The Just In Engine.app can be run on the same machine as the Just Control.app or on a separate macOS machine.

Just Control.app is the versatile single/multi-channel control application for both our ingest and playout solutions, with built-in video and audio previews and feature-aware inspector to enable the operator to control all available ingest and playout channels from a single user interface.

Just Control Configuration Panel lists all connected Just In Engines and available Channels (=Inputs). Within this panel Engine and Channel settings can be adjusted and all kinds of Presets (Capture, Destination, Naming, Metadata, Events) can be created and modified.

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