READ ME v.5.5

Before upgrading to just:in mac v.5.5, please be aware of following changes and macOS requirements:

Event Presets

The configuration panel for just:in mac has an additional Events tab. In the Events tab you can first define Event devices such as Video Routers (AJA KUMO, Blackmagic Design Videohub), Disk Recorders (AJA Ki Pro, Blackmagic Design HyperDeck), Apple Scripts and Bash Shell Scripts. In the Presets tab you can then create presets that combine one or more events from the defined devices. These presets can in turn be executed when starting or stopping recording, and these Event Presets can be selected within the Channel Inspector.

Any legacy Tasks will be automatically converted to new “Bash Script Events” with presets for start and stop recording.

Supported macOS versions

just:in mac has been improved to accommodate the latest macOS features and is fully macOS Ventura (13.x) and Monterey (12.6.x) certified. Version 5.5 still supports macOS Catalina (10.15.7) and macOS Big Sur (11.7.x) as well, to ensure full deployment flexibility and safeguard our customer’s investment in our solutions.

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