What's New v.5.5

Event Presets to Empower Recording Workflows

Version 5.5 introduces Event Presets that can perform different recording or notification tasks as well as trigger or control qualified hardware devices. With this useful workflow addition, one could, for example, start a backup recording on qualified hardware digital recorders such as the Ki Pro from AJA and HyperDeck from Blackmagic Design or create and make REST API calls to 3rd party system in a very easy and straightforward way.

TSL UMD protocol support for live:cut 5.5 (now part of any new just:in mac license)

Starting with version 5.5, live:cut will be part of any newly acquired just:in mac licence, so that you get multicamera recording functionality as part of your newly purchased license. In addition to the existing integrations with Blackmagic Design ATEM switchers and traditional switchers via the TOA GPI Box, live:cut version 5.5 adds support for the widely adapted TSL UMD protocol to further extend the compatibility with industry standard devices, such as the Ross Carbonite production switcher, for multicamera production workflows.

Selectable Audio Input for AJA and Blackmagic Design video devices

In just:in mac version 5.5 one can select between different audio inputs for dedicated AJA and Blackmagic Design video devices, such as the AJA Io X3 or the Blackmagic Design UltraStudio 4K Mini. This new setting can be found within the channel settings and operators can choose between Auto (SDI), Analog or AES. This new feature allows to distribute the incoming audio signal to all channels of the chosen video device.

Audio Input Selection (currently available for AJA video devices only)

just:in mac version 5.5 adds the ability to select between discrete audio inputs per channel. With this one can use the same SDI audio input for all channels, which makes production life a lot easier. This feature is currently only available for AJA video devices.

Enable Distinctive Configurations Swapping

Also new to version 5.5 is the ability to save and switch recording configurations. This facilitates the on-the-fly configuration swapping for distinctive productions or shows and highly increases operational safety.

OP-47 Support for OP1a MXF container

New to just:in mac version 5.5 is the capability to detect and write OP-47 data into MXF Op1a container. Once the just:in channel detects OP-47 data within the incoming SDI stream, it will automatically write that metadata into the recorded file.

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