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  1. Channel Buttons
    • Remove Channel(s): Removes the selected Channel(s) from the Channels list.
    • Edit Channel: Edit a selected Channel.
    • Add Channel: Add a Channel to the Channel list.
  2. Channel List Columns
    • Connected: Indicates the connection status.
      • Green: Active connection.
      • Red: Connection not possible, Jump To Next is not possible for this specific Channel and no info can be retrieved.
    • Enabled: Active this checkbox to make a Channel jump to the next clip when the blue Jump To Next button is pressed.
    • Channel Name: Shows the Channel name (as defined in the → Channel Edit window of just:next)
    • Current Clip: Shows the name of the clip which is currently playing in the video track.
    • Next Clip: Shows the name of the next clip in the video track. This item will go on air once the Jump To Next button is pressed.
    • Timecode: Shows the master timecode like it is shown in the just:play user interface.
    • Status: 
      • Preflight: The connection to the channel is available, but the channel is waiting for the just:out Just Out engine.
      • Play: Once the connection to the channel is available and the just:out engine is available, the status changes to Play.
  3. Channel List: Lists all Channels which are administered by this just:nextthis Just Next.
  4. Status Info: Shows the number of Channels which are administered by this just:next Just Next and how many of those channels are enabled for the Jump To Next function.
  5. Jump To Next Button: Pressing this button executes the Jump to Next function for all Channels which are connected and enabled.