just:store User Manual

This User Manual describes how to install and configure:

  • just:mount on Macintosh systems running Apple's OS X or macOS (10.12.x or later)
  • just:store Version 3.0 is running on a Linux server appliance.

You will learn how to…

  • Install and set up the required hard- and software infrastructure.
  • Monitor the system to ensure just:store and just:mount continue to run effectively.

We assume a basic level of IT knowledge and experience.


  • A basic level of IT knowledge and experience.
  • You are familiar with the Macintosh environment and/or Linux servers and/or Windows environment.
  • You have system administrator privileges for the network and the operating systems of the machines you are working on.
  • You are experienced in installing and configuring client-server software in a TCP/IP network.
  • You will install the software on machines that have been connected to a LAN or WAN by a network engineer.
  • You will install the client software on a machine which can have other software installed.
  • You understand basic Video Ingest concepts.
  • You understand general Video technologies like codecs, frame rates, transmission methods and timecodes. 

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