[JIM] READ ME v.6.5

Before upgrading to just:in mac v.6.5, please note the following changes and macOS requirements:


Please find changes and adjustments below:

Inspector - New Gear Icon

In this new version, a Gear icon has been added to the Channel Inspector. This enhancement simplifies accessing the Just Control Configuration window, allowing you to easily adjust Channel Settings or create and modify Device Presets.


Inspector - Connections Tab

The Channel connection state icons have been updated in this version to improve visibility and enhance user experience.


ToolsOnAir Uninstaller

Additionally, a new Uninstaller application is available within the just:in mac installation DMG file. Use this utility if you need to restart the configuration from scratch or to completely remove just:in mac from your system.

Supported macOS versions

just:in mac v.6.5 has been improved to accommodate the latest macOS features and is fully macOS Sonoma (14.5.x), Ventura (13.6.x), and Monterey (12.7.x) certified.

Please note that the use of Apple silicon hardware is preferred and recommended!

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