[JIM] What's New v.6.5

just:in mac v.6.5 introduces a highly requested demand from our valued customers - the ability to record from SRT and UDP streams in addition to SDI, HDMI and NDI® (v.6).

SRT and UDP Input Support

We're excited to announce the latest point release of just:in mac, which now supports SRT and UDP input sources. This makes just:in mac the first macOS capture solution in the professional broadcast market to offer this capability.

With this update, you can now record SRT or UDP feeds directly within just:in mac. The software supports video modes up to UHD. Additionally, it handles stream metadata such as closed captions and SCTE triggers, ensuring a comprehensive recording solution.

These new input sources are managed just like NDI® channels. You can easily add SRT or UDP inputs to your existing configurations without having to start from scratch or redo any presets. just:in mac remains as intuitive and user-friendly as ever.

Begin recording with SRT or UDP today using your existing Mac infrastructure. Experience the simplicity and efficiency of just:in mac with these powerful new features. Upgrade now to enhance your broadcast recording capabilities!

Dropped Frames Strategy

Version 6.5 also includes a new feature: the Dropped Frames Strategy. This powerful new Channel Setting allows operators to manage dropped video frames more effectively. Operators now can define the action to be performed when a video frame is dropped. The available options are:

  • Duplicate Last Valid Frame: Automatically add the last successfully processed frame.

  • Insert Black Frames: Add black frames in lieu of.

Improved Performance

Enjoy a more effective and responsive application that ensures that your capture process runs smoothly, even during demanding broadcasts.

Bug Fixes and Stability Improvements

We've taken care of code inconsistencies and enhanced the overall stability and efficiency of the solution.

Upgrade to the latest just:in mac version today to unlock enhanced capturing possibilities. Your feedback has played a crucial role in shaping this release, and we can't wait to hear your feedback as you explore the new features. Thank you for your continued support as we strive to provide you with the best capturing experience possible.

Happy recording with just:in mac!

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