[JIML] Known Issues v.6.x

Please find a list of all known issues related to just:in mac lite below:

  • The Calendar selection area is disabled when switching from a Channel in Schedule Mode to a Channel in Crash Mode. When switching the Crash Mode Channel into Schedule Mode, the Calendar selection area is disabled. When switching to the Schedule Mode Channel again and then back to the other Channel everything is back to normal. Alternatively, you can switch back to Crash Mode and then to Schedule Mode again.

Growing File Support for DaVinci Resolve 18 and higher

  • Although the just:in mac lite engine generates correct and standard-compliant Growing files, there’s currently an issue with parsing them correctly within DaVinci Resolve resulting in the non-continuous display of the audio waveform. This means that editors cannot hear any audio after a short amount of time when a growing file in a MOV container is imported into DaVinci Resolve. This issue is unfortunately out of our control and has been reported to the DaVinci team to be reviewed.


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