[JIML] READ ME v.6.1

just:in mac lite uses an online license system for activating, deactivating, and checking your license status. So, you'll need an internet connection for these actions.

Whenever you activate, deactivate, or transfer the license, you'll need to be connected to the internet.

Once activated, the app checks your license status every seven days. This means you can use the app offline for about a week before it needs to connect to the internet again to confirm your license.

Before upgrading to just:in mac lite v.6.1, please be aware of following changes and macOS requirements:

Schedule Mode and Naming Presets

In the latest release, significant changes have been introduced to enhance the functionality of Schedule Mode. A notable adjustment is the evolution of Schedule Events naming conventions. Previously reliant on Schedule Mode variables like <Date>, <Time>, and <Channel>, the new version now empowers users to leverage the extended feature set of Naming Presets within Schedule Mode.

This improvement not only simplifies Date and Time formatting but also introduces enhanced flexibility in switching between Channel Modes. The result is a more intuitive and user-friendly experience, making scheduling and configuration tasks more streamlined than ever before. Explore these updates to unlock a smoother and more efficient Schedule Mode workflow.

Supported macOS versions

just:in mac v.6.0 has been improved to accommodate the latest macOS features and is fully macOS Sonoma (14.x), Ventura (13.x) and Monterey (12.6.x) certified.

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