[JIML] Video Hardware Setup Change v.6.0

Once the initial setup of just:in mac lite is done, the configuration file is saved for the current available/connected video devices (AJA/Blackmagic Design). For instance, a just:in mac lite setup could run with an AJA Corvid 88 or Blackmagic Design DeckLink Quad 2.

But there are situations, where the video hardware gets changed because the current one is broken. This page describes the workflow of such a video hardware change.

Step 1 - Delete config.json file

Quit the Just In Mac Lite application and open the following folder:

/Library/Application Support/ToolsOnAir/Just In

Then search for the “config.json” file. Duplicate this file for backup purposes and then delete the original one.

Step 2 - Change video hardware and install driver

Next, change the video hardware and, if necessary, install the most recent AJA/Blackmagic Design driver. Once the system is up and running again, verify that the new video device can be discovered by the operating system (AJA Control Panel or Blackmagic Design Desktop Video Setup application).

Step 3 - Create new configuration

Now start the Just In Mac Lite application again. The application detects that there is no current configuration available (see Step 1) and therefore checks for connected video devices. Since we changed the hardware setup and installed a new driver, the Just In Mac Lite application now displays the new/changed video hardware. As a last step, complete the configuration according to your needs.

Please note that all Presets (Naming, Capture, Destination) will be available after completing the steps above.


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