[JIML] Storage Systems v.6.0

We have extensively tested various configurations, including standard internal disks and a wide range of systems from different vendors, along with Thunderbolt storage systems directly attached to the device, as well as NAS or SAN systems. In most cases, the Just In Mac Lite application seamlessly interfaces with these storage systems once the operating system recognizes them. To ensure smooth operation, the Just In Mac Lite application incorporates an internal buffer that temporarily handles data throughput issues encountered with the connected storage.

Below are essential guidelines to prevent data throughput issues during recording:

  • Minimise unnecessary load on the storage system to ensure optimal performance.

  • Verify that the selected storage system can consistently deliver the required data throughput for uninterrupted recording.

For further support or expert advice regarding your storage system, please feel free to reach out to your local ToolsOnAir partner or directly contact our team.

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