What's New Playout v.5.0 & v5.1


This document describes all new features which have been added since v.4. Please read What’s New Playout v.4.0, 4.1 and 4.2 for more information about previous releases.

General Notes

Version 5 of our playout solutions will support macOS Monterey (12.7.x), macOS Ventura (13.6.x) on Intel-based Mac's and Apple silicon-based Mac minis, Mac Studios and Mac Pros as well as macOS Sonoma (14.x) on Apple silicon-based Mac minis, Mac Studios and Mac Pros.

Installation Notes

Before installing any ToolsOnAir application for macOS, open the “System, Preferences” application and verify that the “Security & Privacy” setting is properly configured, as shown below. If required, you may revert the setting after the installation has succeeded.

When using macOS Sonoma (14.x), please open the “System Settings” application, select “Privacy & Security” on the left-hand side, scroll down, and ensure that the “Security” section option is set to “App Store and identified developers”

Version 5.0 Changes - just:live & just:play

  • New Audio Engine: Version 5.0 introduces a new way audio is processed inside our engine. This brings back the ability to use Buffered Input with video devices from Blackmagic Design and is the foundation for more audio-related features in upcoming releases.

  • NDI I/O: Version 5.0 supports the ability to receive an NDI ®(or NDI®| HX) stream as a live signal, and to provide an NDI® signal as the broadcast output, instead of using hardware from either AJA or Blackmagic Design as the playout device.

Version 5.1 Changes - just:live & just:play

  • Several speed improvements and bug fixes related to the engine and the user interfaces. Please see the ReadMe in the Just Playout folder for all bug fixes and new features coming with this version.

  • Updated AJA drivers to version 17.0. Please update your system drivers to this version if you are using AJA hardware.

  • The “General” group in the multi-viewer inspector now has an addition pop-up button allowing you to select the timecode shown in the channel’s multi-viewer preview. The available options are “Engine” (same functionality as in previous versions) and “Elapsed” and “Remaining” to show the elapsed or remaining time of the currently airing video. Previously these timecodes could only be shown in the scheduling tab and not in the multi-viewer.

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