What's New Playout v.4.x


This document describes all new features which have been added since v.3.5. Please read What’s New Playout v3, 3.1 and 3.5 for more information about previous releases.

General Notes

Our playout solutions v.4.x support macOS Catalina (10.15.7), macOS Big Sur (11.6.8) and macOS Monterey (12.x) on Intel-based Mac's and Apple silicon-based Mac minis / Mac Studios.

Installation Notes

Before installing, make sure that Gatekeeper is properly configured as shown here. If desired, you may revert the setting after the installation has succeeded.

Version 4.0 Changes - just:live & just:play

  • Simple Graphics Function: Version 4.0 introduces a new way to use on-air graphics. This new feature is aimed at customers that do not necessarily require animated graphics for their channels but want to air a simple station bug or independently need to define two still images where one will be played by default for every element in the video track (movie, live event, and so on) and the other one whenever a live event on air.

  • OP-47 and improved subtitle support: Version 4.0 supports the insertion of OP-47 subtitles as VANC data into the SDI signal, either embedded in the MXF container or provided as EBU-STL or SRT sidecar files. In addition, sidecar files in the SCC, MCC, or SRT formats are now supported for CEA-608 or CEA-708 closed captions. Please see the Administrator Manual for more information about the feature itself and the current limitations.

  • Improved Channel Handling: In addition to the already extensive professional playout features, version 4.0 extends its channel handling capabilities by allowing ad-hoc changes to non-engine related settings, without affecting the on-air signal. This also applies to changes to a channel with a redundant engine.

  • The library views in just:play or just:live’s scheduling tab now have an additional “Length (In-Out)” column to show the length of a video between the defined in- and out-points. In case this is different to the video’s original length, the length is marked in yellow.

  • The As-Run-Log now correctly logs Gap and Placeholder items as “Aired Gap” and “Aired Placeholder” respectively instead of just “Aired”.

  • When creating a SCTE-104 VANC event, there are now three commands available: “Splice Request” (this was previously available), “Time Signal Request” and “Insert Segmentation Descriptor Request”. In addition, multiple SCTE-104 commands may be combined in a single preset, and these will be grouped together into a single VANC packet.

  • It is now possible to trigger actions in Just Control via GPI (Service USB device). Please contact ToolsOnAir support directly if you want to use this feature.

  • Added a new “Heartbeat timeout” property to the engine configuration panel. This allows you to specify a longer timeout that is used to detect that Just Out has stopped sending heartbeats and should be disconnected. This may be relevant when using failover control when network issues may sometimes cause heartbeats to drop out for a few seconds.

  • Stopping a channel in Just Control Configurations now only stops the main engine and not the redundant engine. This allows customers with a redundant setup to maintain a channel without interrupting the On Air signal.

Version 4.0 Changes - just:play only

  • New “Gap After” status in a playlist where a gap exists before the next playlist. This is shown at the bottom of the playlist.

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