6. Customising the User Interface (v.4.x)

You can customize the user interface using the View menu and the mouse, to adjust the size of some parts of the user interface.

The View Menu

  1. Interface Areas: Show or hide the main areas of the user interface.

  2. Workbench List Columns: Show or hide Workbench list columns. You can also show or hide all columns at once.

  3. Hidden Timeline Layers: Show or hide timeline layers. Depending on the configuration of your system administrator, the content of this menu may look different from the one shown here.

  4. Enter Full Screen: Brings the user interface into full screen mode

Show Library and Inspector

You can open and close the Library and the Inspector by clicking on the close button “X”.



While closed, the remaining control area shows the available tabs, with the last used tab highlighted.

Using the Mouse to change the Size of an Area

Use the trim handles shown in red to adjust the size of the Control Area, the Library, the Calendar View and the Inspector.

→ Use the sidebar to navigate.