1. just:play User Interface (v.4.x)

just:play is an automated 24/7 Master Control playout solution with SD, HD, and UHD format support, seamlessly integrating live feeds and routers as well as GPI events and static or realtime graphics.

  • The just:play user interface (just:play UI) represents a simple way to build a rundown with Videos, Placeholders, Gap Fillers, Live Events, Audio, realtime- or prerendered Graphic Elements (such as inserts, tickers or information templates) and Events to control 3rd party hardware – directly connected to the active engine. just:play integrates Video playout with static or dynamic realtime graphics combined with on- or offline scheduling.

  • The just:play user interface connects directly to a Channel (which has been configured by your system administrator in Just Connect before), allowing direct and last minute changes. At any time of the scheduling process the user can control planning.

  • just:play is the part of software where a user can create, edit, structure and import Playlists. A Playlist – which contains all kinds of media – can be planned and executed weeks in advance, which allows a completely unattended remote operation. An unlimited number of just:play user interfaces can connect to the same channel for concurrent schedule manipulation on a first come, first served base. The users are only limited by the user rights defined for each user in Just Control.


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