just:live v.4 Getting Started

Important: Before Installation

Applications from ToolsOnAir are provided as a disk image (DMG). To open the disk image, the Security settings of the system must be changed.

  1. Open the System Preferences.

  2. Go to Security & Privacy.

  3. Click on the General tab.

  4. Unlock the Preference Pane.

  5. Change the setting to allow apps downloaded from App Store and identified developers.

If you are upgrading from an older version of just:live, you might want to make sure that you have a valid v.4.x activation code for this machine before installing the new version.

1. Video Device Driver Installation

This step is only required if you have a dedicated video device from AJA or Blackmagic Design.

Download and install the most recent driver from the website of your video device manufacturer (AJA or Blackmagic Design).

2. Downloading the Software and preparing your System

  1. The latest version of just:live is freely available for Download via the dedicated solution page. Current customers (with account credentials) may also use the download area in the ToolsOnAir Support System.

  2. Open the disk image, review the End User License Agreement and confirm by clicking on “Agree” to proceed. You are presented with the Installer Overview page.

  3. Review the documents provided in the “Read Before Installing” section.

  4. Run TOA System Checker (“Run Before Installing” section) and follow the displayed instructions. Solve all errors and warnings before continuing.

  5. Download and install the Apple Pro Video Formats Codecs by following the link provided in the “Run Before Installing” section on every Mac running TOA applications (Just Out, Just Connect, Just Control).

3. Installation

  1. Drag the Just Playout folder from the disk image to the Applications folder. This will install all relevant playout software applications.

  2. Eject the disk image afterwards (Command-E).

  3. Open a Finder window and navigate to the Just Playout folder inside your Applications folder.

  4. Add the applications Just Out, Just Connect and Just Control to your Dock.

4. Configuration

To perform an easy and straightforward starting setup we recommend running Just Out, Just Connect and Just Control on the same machine (Mac). For more information about advanced setups with multiple machines distributed over the network, please refer to the https://toolsonair.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/TST/pages/3355543118

  1. Start Just Out and Just Connect and confirm/apply all system related requests.

  2. Start Just Control which will automatically display the User Login window. We recommend keeping the defined username for now.

  3. Click on the Login button.

  4. Once Just Out and Just Connect have been started (as described in step 1) and you want to run all applications on one machine, make sure to enter the IP-Address “”, keeping the same Channel Port Number (5000), before clicking on the “Connect” button. This allows you to test and configure your setup independent of your network infrastructure. For final production/On-Air setups, we recommend using the IP-Address provided by your network administrator.

  5. Make sure the option New Channel is selected and enter the name of the Channel into the Channel's name field.

  6. Select the Format you would like to use for broadcast.

  7. Select the option just:live for live playout.

  8. When running Just Out, Just Connect, Just Control on the same machine, please enter the IP-Address “” under the section “The channel's primary engine is installed here” to ensure proper testing operations. Keep the same Engine Port Number (5509).

  9. If there is a dedicated Video device, select AJA or Blackmagic, otherwise keep the Virtual option selected.

  10. Change the Repository Folders if desired. The default Repositories are:

    • Video files:

    • Graphic files:

    • Audio files:

    • Playlist files:

  11. Activating the “Include Simple FX layer with station and live bugs” checkbox loads two (2) TOA-Demo still images automatically as channel bug and for live input. This feature can also be (de)activated after the initial setup and the still images can be changed once the installation is done.

  12. Click the “Configure” button to finish the setup. The Just Control user interface should look similar to the picture below.

If the user interface displayed differs from the picture above, please follow the steps below:

  1. In the sidebar, click on the Connections icon.

  2. Drag the previously created Channel from the Connections list onto the empty viewer area.

  3. The connection should now be established, and Just Control looks similar to this screenshot.

5. Accessing the just:live User Interface

  1. Click the button in the middle of the viewer to open the just:live user interface.

  2. The just:live user interface will now be displayed.

6. Verify your Channel is working properly

It may take several seconds before the Channel is running.

  1. In Just Connect the Status of the Channel should be Playing, with a Green light.

  2. In Just Live the Buffer should be higher than 50% and the CTI (Current Time Indicator) should be Green. The timecode in the On Air window is showing the actual time.

7. Read the User Manual

You can find it here or in the Help menu of just:live.

ToolsOnAir Support System

If you have any questions that are not covered in the User Manual, please contact us via the → ToolsOnAir Support System

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