8.2 Import/Export of a full day Rundown (v3.0)

When a user has scheduled a Rundown for a certain day using the just:play user interface, this day can be saved and reused again. Once saved, it can be moved to the Playlist repository folder and from there it can be reused, or it can be saved to several days at once.

A daily Playlist contains the whole content of all Playlists where the start time is at the selected day. A Playlist of four hours which starts a few minutes before midnight will be saved completely, a Playlist which plays a few hours at the selected day, but where the start time is at the previous day will not be saved.

Exporting a Full Day Rundown

  1. In just:play select File - Export Rundown.

  2. A dialog with a Calendar will be shown.

  3. Select the day you would like to export.

  4. Click the Export button.

  5. Enter a name for the Rundown and save it to your desired destination.

Save the day to the Repository of a just:play user interface to allow all users with access to this Repository to use this Rundown.

Importing a Full Day Rundown

  1. In just:play select File - Import Rundown.

  2. Click Choose to select a previously saved Full Day Rundown.

  3. Select the file and click Import.

  4. Select a single day or – while holding the shift key – a day range which (will import the selected day to the selected days in the calendar).

  5. Click Import to Import the selected Playlist to the selected day(s).

In case there is already another Playlist scheduled on a certain day, the imported full day Rundown will be rejected completely for that day.