Changes in v4.0 - Please read before updating

General Notes

Before upgrading to v4.0 (just:in mac only), please be aware of following changes in just:in v4.0.

macOS Mojave only

v4.0 (Engine and User Interface application) only supports macOS Mojave and we recommend to install the latest available macOS Mojave version on the system running just:in v4.0.

No LTC via Audio In

In the new version there is no LTC via Audio In support. If you rely on this feature, please keep using v3.5 (or previous versions) and contact us. Please beware that you can still use Capture Card LTC (AJA cards only) as Timecode Option with this version (v4.0).


Due to macOS changes (1, 2) we can not support legacy codecs, like DV, DVCPro, etc. any time longer. If you rely on these codecs, please keep using v3.5 (or previous versions) and contact us. For customers using Avid DNxHD, please also keep using 3.5 or older versions. We will add support for DNxHD with an upcoming version. If you need more information about that, please contact us.

Signal Loss - Keep recording into same container

The option, where it engine kept recording into the same container after a signal loss was removed, due the change to AVF from QT. If you rely on this option, please contact us directly.

QuickTime - Down/Up-Scaling

Down/Up-Scaling with QuickTime Capture Presets will only work with AVF Capture Presets, when using 8-bit video mode. 10-Bit video mode will work as soon as macOS Catalina is available.

Calendar Connection - Schedule Mode

In previous versions, the Engine application was used to communicate with the macOS Calendar application and therefore it was only possible to use Calendars, which were added to the Calendar application on the machine, where the Engine application was running. In v4.0, the User Interface takes over this part, which means it is possible to use the Calendar application on that machine, where the UI is running, which also means that it is possible to use this machine (UI) for all scheduling administrations.

Growing file support with mov container in Adobe Premiere Pro

There is currently no growing file support for mov container, when working in Adobe Premiere Pro. When importing a growing mov file into Premiere Pro the duration of the file will be five seconds and the file itself will be displayed as growing (=cursive), although the file will not grow in the timeline or the Project Window of Premiere Pro. When the file gets closed (=stop recording), then it will get the correct duration automatically in the Project Window without any interaction of the user. Growing file support with mxf containers is still there and works the same way as it did with previous versions. Growing mov files can still be used with Apple Final Cut Pro X.

Renaming UI application

With v4.0 we changed the naming of the User Interface from "Just" to "Just". Therefore please be careful when updating and please delete the Just from your Applications folder.

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