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The already well-known ability to trigger Bash Scripts (previously named “Tasks”) is of course still available and has been further improved in v.6.0.

  • As UNIX shell scripts can work on a very deep system level, ToolsOnAir does not take any responsibility for improperly written shell scripts by end-users.  

  • Events (based on Bash Scripts) may limit the performance of the Just In Engine application. When using this feature, always test it thoroughly before going into production or critical environments. Contact your ToolsOnAir VAR or create a support ticket in ToolsOnAir’s support system if you need any assistance.


  1. Devices & Presets Tab:you can switch between the “Devices” and “Presets” tab. Event Devices have to be created first, in order to create Recording Events. Devices represent the connection to a hardware device (such as an AJA Ki Pro, KUMO, or Blackmagic Design HyperDeck / Videohub), enable the ability to create Events based on Bash Scripts or create the connection to Iconik. Events get triggered by the just connect service, once selected within Just Control (Channel Inspector).

  2. Event Devices: Area for adding, removing or loading Event Devices. List of Event Devices that are currently available for the selected Device. Use “Add”, to create a new Device, “Save” to save an Event Device and “Load” for importing an Event Device.

  3. In this area, all available Event Devices can be saved to a text file and such file can be loaded/imported here as well.


just:in linux v.6.0 supports the following Devices: